Q.When I should open my pool?

It's never really too early to open your pool as long as you don't have freezing temperatures. The longer you wait the higher your chance of taking the cover off and finding a green pool because of the water warming up.

Q. How long should my pool pump run each day?

The water circulation is the most important component in keeping your swimming pool water clean.

Best : 24/7
Min : 8 hours per day

​Q. How often I should clean my filters?

It's depends on several factors: the size of the pool, size of your filter, the type of your filter. Always check the pressure gauge located on the filter for higher pressure in the filter.

Q. I have noisy pump. Why?

1) Blocked suction line (check skimmers, main drain and pump basket)
2) The motor bearings are failing and motor needs to be rebuild or replaced
3) Low water level

Q. If I have a pool service, do I still need an automatic cleaner?  

An automatic pool cleaner can assist in keeping your pool bottom cleaned between visits.

Q. If I have a pool service, do I still need to empty the skimmer baskets? 

Yes. If your baskets are overflowing leaves and debris will impair the water circulation and your pump will run dry.